Monday, April 5, 2010

My Mrs. Roger Chapyn has a name

As I prepare for my trip to England; I checked out the Paignton Parish Church Website at and contacted The Chapin Foundation in US and in England

My Mrs. Roger Chapyn has a name
Her name is Margery Urdde
Birth 1538 in Totnes, Devon, , England Death
9 Sep 1590 in Totnes, Devon, , England

Plus I have met several new cousins: who have done extensive research and traveling regarding the Chapin Name

I have been trying to reach the Chapin Foundation in the US but they never responded to my letters. Paignton Parish Church informed me that the Chapins were all really old now. The Chapin Foundation was set up to maintain the burial spots, history of the Chapins in England. The Church may have a new address for them so I will email the church to find out. I need to apply to "The Friends of Paignton Parish Church" and I get their newsletters.

I have photos of some of the members completing history projects in England. As we know, we need to maintain our cemetaries, history books, and public records. If we do not, like so many families, we will lose everything.

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