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Deacon Samuel and Cicely Chapin had the following 7 children:

Deacon Samuel and Cicely Chapin had the following children:

Catherine Chapin married (1) Nathanal Bliss in 1646, (this is an OBTW, Nathanial's sister was tried for being a witch three times in her life. The court records are absolutely ridiculous. A neighbor complained the woman saw her child, the child fell sick and died, and since the two women did not get along she was tried as a witch.) 2) Thomas Gilbert, July 31, 1655, (3) Samuel Marshfield, December 28, 1664
According to the "Life of Deacon Samuel Chapin, by Howard Millar Chapin", Catherine was widowed when she married Samuel Marshfield.

David Chapin d. August 16, 1672, Boston County, Massachusetts, married Lydia Crump
David Chapin resided a few years near the center of the town of Springfield and afterwards removed to Boston where he was married and was made freeman 1649 and he died in 1672. Less is known of him than any other child of Samuel.

Sarah Chapin married Rowland Thomas, 1654

Henry Chapin, b. January 1629/30, Berry Pomeroy, Devonshire, England; d. August 15, 1718, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts; married Bethiah Cooley, December 15, 1664, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts; b. September 16, 1644, Hampden County, Massachusetts; d. December 09, 1711, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts.

Josiah Chapin and Mary King are our direct lineage:

Josiah Chapin, b. October 29, 1637; d. September 10, 1726; married Mary King.Josiah was the son of Deacon Samuel Chapin and Cicely Penny. He was born 29 Oct 1634 in Berry, Pomeroy, Devonshire, England. He married Mary King of Weymouth on November 30, 1658. They had 11 children. She died in May 30, 1676 in Braintree, Massachusetts.

He was a leading citizen of Mendon. He was a selectman for many years; Chairman of the Board for 11 years; and was Justice of the Peace by a commission said to have come from the British Parliament. For many years he was the largest taxpayer in Mendon.

Military Records: Was Captain of Massachusetts Colonial forces at Mendon. Sergeant in 1685; Ensign in 1687; Lieutenant in 1689 and Captain in 1692.

Josiah Chapin, Esq. died in Mendon, Massachusetts on September 10, 1726, aged 92 years, having out lived three wives.

Japhet Chapin
, b. October 05, 1642, Roxbury, Massachusetts; d. February 20, 1711/12, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts; married (1) Abelenah Cooley, July 22, 1664, Milford, New Haven County, Conneticut; m. (2) Dorothy Root, May 31, 1711.
Japhet was prominent in town affairs of Springfield, MA. Was chosen Selectman 8 times. According to The Chapin Genealogy (page 4) by Orange Chapin he was involved in King Phillip's War of 1676, 'I went out Volenteare against ingens the 17th of May, 1676 and we ingaged batel the 19th of May in the moaning before sunrise and made great Spoil upon the enemy and came off the same day with the Los of 37 men and the Captin Turner, and came home the 20th of May.'
Japhet is buried in the Springfield Graveyard, Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts

Hannah Chapin, b. December 2, 1644 married John Hitchcock, 1666
Hannah, daughter of Samuel Chapin, was born on the 2 day of the 10 month (December) 1644 (S.rec.) at 10 o;clock at night (Judge Chapin's Address, 22). She was baptized on December 8 (Judge Chapin's Address, 22). She was the youngest of Samuel and Ciely's seven children.

From the Life of Samuel Deacon Chapin, Howard Millar Chapin


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  2. I just had a beautiful photo restored of the family and blew up the section of my great grandmother Armenita Clemintine Chapin Reed.