Saturday, March 13, 2010

John Paul Reed 1906

Dear Cousins;

Update on Reed Research. As many of you know Aunt Helen has come to visit with me this week. We have had a marvelous time. Busy Busy every single day.
Wesley and Clyde have been sealed to their parents of which Aunt Helen is very pleased.
It was an open issue for Aunt Helen. In fact; we have nearly all of Monroe and Arminita's children sealed which brings me to John Paul Reed. John Paul although we know had no children was indeed the grandpa for all of us and many others!!! Well to complete this work Helen needed Paul's death date. Simple request: except I can not find it!!! I pay lots of money for many search engines not to be able to find Grandpa's SS Death Index. How can this be?? Is there a mistake on his data??? Sleuth Ruth is on the case.......and I will be ruthless until I solve it --- so I will just be _______________ until I can be Ruth once again.
I did learn a lot about Grandpa along the way though; Grandpa's father died when he was merely 10 years old. Grandpa took care of his mother. As this story of where and how they survived from 1916---until Grandpa goes to war in 1940s, will surprise us all. Silly kids we had no idea!
But getting back to it-----ok, wanting exact data I am looking for Grandpa's exact death date and lo and behold I can not find it.
But as luck will have it I have already planned a trip to the Los Angeles Library as a trip with the San Diego Genealogy Society.
And now I know what I must do to prepare for my trip --- I plan to get obituaries for Grandpa and Grandma, copy of their marriage certificate (1955) : Very funny potential title to a blog: my favorite Grandpa was never married and married my Grandmother in 1955!!! And no; none of the children were born out of wedlock. One of those fun Genealogy puzzles;
So there is work to be done----- while I am in Los Angeles I will be looking up Grandpa's land deeds. and maybe even Harry's land deeds-----
Yeah Yeah I am so glad I started this new blog ------ I have lots and lots to share but I can not believe I did not put Chapin in the title; but so be it.

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