Monday, July 11, 2011


First family we have many family historians to thank for our knowledge.
Aunt Helen Reed has been looking for Native American Heritage for 50 Years.

With Squirrell King we can trace our lineage to the Chickasaw.
I will continue our lineage and publish our Chocotah and Cherokee.

But in this research --- we have direct lineage to Powhatan Royalty.

Rebecca Powhatan (1594 - 1617)
is our 11th great grand aunt

Emperor Wahunsonacock Big Chief Powhatan (1545 - 1618)
is the Father of Matoaka
Rebecca Rolphe; the Native American Heroine was named at birth Matoaka
She was nicknamed POCAHONTAS which meant micsheivious little one.

Powhatan women were unusually beautiful.

The is the banner of the Powhatans

Matachanna again renamed by John Smith
Shawano Powhatan (1602 - 1680) was the much younger (17 years) sister of Matoaka Pocahontas Rebecca Powhatan (1594 - 1617) and
Daughter of Emperor Wahunsonacock Big Chief

OUR 11th great grandmother.

Cleopatra was nicknamed because she does become a Queen and her dark enchanting looks and rich clothing reminded the settlers of Queen Cleopatra.

There is positive and indisputable proof (Strong Words for Genealogy) that Pocahontas (Matoaka) had a sister named Cleopatra (Matachanna). This proof is located in the old library of the Maryland Historical Society,
Being Beautiful and very Capable Women did not lead to a happy life for these women. Whereas historians and Disney would like to romantize their lives. The facts of the their lives were something quite different. I will outline their lives in a coming blog. POWHATAN ROYAL PRINCESSES

well to continue with our heritage.

Chief Hokolesqua Opecham Stream Cornstalk (1628 - 1695)
Son of Cleopatra Shawano
Chief Big Turkey Cornstalk (1660 - 1694)
Son of Chief Hokolesqua Opecham Stream
April Tikami (Mary Odum) Hop (1690 - 1720)
Daughter of Chief Big Turkey
Mary Barnes (1720 - 1748)
Daughter of April Tikami (Mary Odum)
Edward Ned Vann (1740 - 1833)
Son of Mary
Joseph Vann (1770 - 1854)
Son of Edward Ned
Anna Sophia Vann (1803 - 1865)
Daughter of Joseph
Isham B Bunyard (1825 - 1890)
Son of Anna Sophia
Laura Helen Bunyard (1867 - 1908)
Daughter of Isham B
Lula Catherine Dearman (1885 - 1935) My Great Grandmother married John Cook

Daughter of Laura Helen
Alta Vay Cook (1906 - 1984)
Daughter of Lula Catherine
Ida Belle Reed (1925 - 2000)
Daughter of Alta Vay
Ruth Elizabeth Hayley
I am the daughter of Ida Belle


  1. Looks like we are cousins through the Cornstalk- Powhatan lineage.

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  3. Hi,
    It looks like we are related at Edward Nan Vann.
    In the group picture above, who is the man on the right? He looks very much like my family :)

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  6. Has anyone related herein submitted for DNA testing of Vann bloodline? If so please email me at

  7. I was tested in 2012 on Ancestry DNA and I did match with with numerous Vann, Maney, Harris, Hensley and Blankenship cousin thru out the country. I also tested on 23 and me DNA test.