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Squirrel King letter to Headmen of Keowee

Squirrel King letter to Headmen of Keowee
South Carolina Indian Affairs Documents-Page 252
Squirrel King to the head men of Keowee
To the Head men and Warriors of Keowee, the Answer to the Squirrel King for himself and his Warriors.
That the Squirrel King received your Letter sent by Mr. Frances, and cannot well think the Cherokees are desirous of being in Friendship with the Chickasaws while they entertain and encourage the Savannahs to live among them in order to come and war against the Chickasaw, nay, and the very Cherokee's came with them. If the Cherokees are so very desirous of maintaining a good Understanding worth the Chickasaws, the only speedy way of showing it is by driving away or killing the few Savannah's who live among them. But particularly the Fellow who killed a Chickasaw named Chinaby near Mr. Patrick's Brown House.
This the Chickasaw insist upon as also that the Cherokee send back the two Women to my House, and let some of their People come with them and they shall not be hurt. But the head Men will talk with them and hear what they have to say. Upon the Cherokee speedy performing these Things there will always remain a firm Peace between them, and then the Chickasaws will send a Runner to the Okfuskies.
But if the Cherokees do not soon bring the two Women back as above and kill the Savannah Fellow above mentioned, or drive them all away from their Nation (because while the Cherokees suffer them to live there they will be always stealing the Path in order to kill the Chickasaws, which will always occasion a Misunderstanding), the Chickasaws say they will not leave off, because they cannot think them their real Friends till they comply with these just demands.
I am in the Meantime your Friend and well Wisher...
Squirrel King
Signed by James Fraser (who dilevered the message to the Keowee Cherokee's

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