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There are many AMERICAN stories out there!! We will tell them one at a time.

Mary was born about 1743 in New Windsor Chickasaw Settlements SC. Mary's father is Squirrel King, Chief of the Savannah River Chickasaws Title not a name King and her mother is Thawakilla Shawnee or chickasaw Woman. She had a brother named Chief Succabee of the Chickasaw.
Mary Polly King (1743 - 1786)
is our 6th great grandmother

Josep...h Vann (1770 - 1854)
Son of Mary Polly
Anna Sophia Vann (1803 - 1865)
Daughter of Joseph
Isham B Bunyard (1825 - 1890)
Son of Anna Sophia
Laura Helen Bunyard (1867 - 1908)
Daughter of Isham B
Lula Catherine Dearman (1885 - 1935)
Daughter of Laura Helen
Alta Vay Cook (1906 - 1984)
Daughter of Lula Catherine
Ida Belle Reed (1925 - 2000)
Daughter of Alta Vay
Ruth Elizabeth Hayley
I am the daughter of Ida Belle

Shawnee Heritage

>Shawnee Heritage I
Shawnee Genealogy and Family History
by Don Greene (found at Target, and

Web sites: html /cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=weeksjd

Native American Heritage:

1. Holesqua Opeecham "Stream" Cornstalk (Shawnee War Chief)
+ Nonoma
2. Big Turkey Cornstalk
3. April Tikami Hop Cornstalk (sister of Old Hop,
all the children were adopted by a cousin, Emperor Moytoy of the Cherokee Nation)
+ Richard Barnes
4. Mary Barnes
+ Edward Vann
5. Edward Ned Vann
+ Mary King (She was the daughter of Squirrel King, Chief of the Savannah River Chickasaws and a Thawakilla Shawnee Woman)

More information regarding proof of genealogy: But what until you read how these people effected the making of AMERICA!!!

There are many AMERICAN stories out there!! We will tell them one at a time.

Shawnee Heritage

A note from a descendant Rosemary Gardner originally submitted this to ROSEMARY REMEMBERS on 24 Dec 2009 with information that might be helpful to others.

Margaret Vann Moseley b: 1768 in Edgefield Co, SC, was the Granddaughter of Squirrel King,
Chief of the Savannah River Chickasaws b: 1688, located near present day Augusta, GA,
or back then Ft. Moore, GA.

I grew up in Birmingham, AL, but moved to Greenville, SC for a job about 10
years ago. About 5 years ago I found the name Squirrel King on my genealogy
and had to investigate it.

I only live about 100 miles from Edgefield, SC where the Vann family lived on Horns Creek.
I have since found out that our Vann family were Descendants of Holesqua
Opeechan "Stream" Cornstalk b: 1628, A War Chief of the Shawnee Nation, which was
the largest Tribe in the US!

About 5 years ago I started gathering information about our family, which
were famous Shawnee, Cherokee, Chickasaw and Powhattan descendants, which is
listed in a book by: Don Greene called Shawnee Heritage 1, Shawnee Genealogy and
Family History, available at Target, and

It list Margaret Vann as being the daughter of Edward Ned Vann and Mary King. And I do have proof of that!
I also have research documents by the Moseley Family, which my Great Grandmother
Margaret Vann Moseley married into, and the documents state that Edward Ned Vann
and Mary King were her parents. There are also references to our Great Grandmother being Cherokee
in the Moseley Books 1 & 2 (found in any Historical Library across the US).

Edward Ned Vann b: 1744 which married Mary King b: 1743 is the son of Mary
Barnes b:1720 and Edward Vann b: 1720.

I have documents placing Edward Vann living in Edgefield, SC on census and
court records, land and tax records, etc. Edward Ned Vann was a rich peach
farmer on the Savannah River, and either him or his father Edward Vann owned 2
trading post one on each side of the Savannah River. His father Edward Vann
sold the British Government 400 acres of land, upon which to build Ft.
Charlotte, which I also have documents copied from the Greenville Library in SC..

Edward Vann b: 1720 was born in the Cherokee Nation, his parents were John
Vann born about 1690 his mother was a Cherokee woman of the Anikowi Deer Clan.
(They hunted deer down on foot)! That is where Edward Vann met his first wife Mary Barnes b: 1720. Which is our Great Grandmother also.

Mary Barnes was the daughter of Richard Barnes and April Tikami Hop b:1695
(sister of Old Hop, Echota Cherokee Chief) They lived in Hiawasee, GA.

April "Tikami" Hop ( meaning April Water) was the daughter of Big Turkey
Cornstalk b: 1760 and UNK woman. He was also the brother of Okowellos
Cornstalk born: 1740

When April "Tikami" Hop was 3 years old her parents were murdered by
Catawaba Raiders, and her and her 4 siblings were left there to die, because no one,
would take them in. Pigeon Moytoy her aunt's husband, heard about this and
went to Hiawassee and brought the children home to raise in the Cherokee Nation
( he was the Emperor of the Cherokee Nation, and also related to Cornstalk
through his mother and his wife ). Visit WWW. My Carpenter Genealogy

Big Turkey Cornstalk b: 1760 was the son of Holesqua Opeechan "Stream"
Cornstalk b: 1628 and wife Nonoma? Holesqua Opeechan "Stream"
Cornstalk b: 1628 and was A War Chief in the Shawnee Nation which was basically everything east of the Mississippi but not the leader of the hole tribe, that would be, His son Okowellos Cornstalk born: 1740, in Ohio, was the only Chief of the Entire Shawnee Nation Shawnee had villages all over the place and intermarried with all of the Tribes, especially the Cherokee.

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